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Our Journey:

Lilly Ann Boutique was started by Ashley in July of 2018. Ashley grew up with a passion for fashion and ever since she was younger somehow put her own spin on making her outfits unique. She prides herself on customer service and giving back to the community. Ashley decided to bring all her ideas together to launch this boutique and make it a special community of fashionable women.

The name Lilly Ann Boutique has its own story. In May of 2017, Ashley lost her best friend and grandmother. During this loss she found herself struggling through the emotions of losing someone so close to her when she knew what better love than a dog’s love. Ashley became the owner of a sweet little puggle shortly after. Her puggle goes by none other than Lilly Ann. Lilly was named after one of Ashley’s favorite clothing line’s and huge inspiration and Ann was her late grandmother’s middle name. Over the next year Lilly Ann became Ashley’s everything and continues to be until this very day. So, when deciding on a name for her boutique it was a no brainer. So there began Lilly Ann Boutique. The sun incorporated in the logo is a reminder to see the light in every day and strive to be a light in others’ lives. Lilly Ann Boutique started solely on Facebook and Instagram but has turned into something much greater with this website. Over the first 6 months of business the boutique made donations to the NH SPCA, The Greengard Center for Autism, Seacoast Catapult, a local Rochester, NH firefighter battling cancer, the families in the California wildfires, and many more on the road map for the future. It is extremely important for us to give back to the community. We look forward to the future and thank you for shopping Lilly Ann Boutique!


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