What's in My Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM?

Ashley Varney

About two years ago I finally got my DREAM bag. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in Pivoine. I really wanted to go into the store for full experience but because the bag was very popular, the Boston Copley Place didn't have it in stock. I had to order it from another store far away that had it in stock but it took a couple of weeks to get shipped out to me. When I got the bag it was boxed up beautifully and in a dust bag as well. I currently don't have any plans to buy any more luxury bags at this time since I feel content with the LV I have but there are some other really beautiful bags out there I may get someday. I think it's really smart to think about the bag for a while before purchasing to make sure it's practical for your use and that you really want it for what you are going to pay. I am very happy with my bag and I love that is big enough to put everything I need in it and it's a great carry on for my travel adventures as well. When I got the bag it was really important for me to take good care of it. Some of the things below I list in my bag are specifically made for this bag and to help protect it.

The first thing I purchased was a piece of acrylic that lays at the bottom of the bag perfectly in place. This prevents the bag from sagging from weight in the center so the weight is distributed evenly on the bottom with this piece. I have seen so many Neverfull's ruined from sagging so for me this is a MUST HAVE if you buy the bag. Linked here.

For a while, after I had my Neverfull MM it turned into a deep black hole. I could never find anything in it without digging around for 10 minutes. Thankfully I found this organizer for it that changed the game for me! Now everything has a certain place. Here is the organizer I love.

Once I had those two items my Neverfull experience was smooth sailing. I use my bag practically every single day of my life. It has held up perfectly and it fits SO much. So what's currently stashed away in my bag?

- Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works


-Kate Spade wallet...chuck full of everything under the sun (cash, cards, receipts, change)

-Quay Sunnies with a case

- Pepper Spray from Damsel in Defense (all girls need this)

- Scratch Tickets

- A separate wallet full of gift cards

- Shopping coupons that are expired

- Keys for my Jeep

- 5 Lipsticks

- 3 Chapsticks

- A pen

- The LV clutch that comes with the Neverfull MM so in a pinch I can switch to over to it to carry something much smaller.

Things that I don't currently have in there but usually do:

- Lilly Pulitzer agenda book

- A book I'm reading

- When I travel I shove a bunch of other things in there, even a blanket. This bag seriously fits so much stuff.

That pretty much wraps up my bag. My next LV bag that I eventually would like is the LV Favorite MM, another LV classic. Hopefully, this post gave you some tips or tricks if you are interested in purchasing a luxury bag. Anything with that price tag is so important to take care of. What's your dream designer bag? Leave me a comment.



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