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Ashley Varney

In case y'all don't know I started an online woman's clothing boutique in July of 2018. I always dreamed of having my very own business but I was TERRIFIED. To be honest some days I still am but what I realized is the things that scare you the most are typically the most rewarding, I can definitely confirm this statement is right. A year prior to opening my business I lost my very best friend, my grandmother. Overall, 2017 was just the WORST year of my life, those who know just know. I was determined to take back my life in 2018 and do things that made me happy. I traveled a lot and while in Nashville on a mother-daughter trip I told my mom about my dream of starting this business. I told her my goal was January of 2019 and she said why are you going to wait...just do it now. So over the next couple of months, I watched tons of YouTube videos, I researched my state's laws and completed all of that fun stuff on the back end in order to get your biz legal. I picked my name Lilly Ann Boutique, I think I said it once out load and knew that it was it. It was named after my dog, the only amazing thing that happened to me in the worst time of my life, she's my angel and I'm sure you'll see a lot more of her on the blog in the future. Lilly Ann Boutique is a woman’s clothing and accessories boutique where you can find all the latest trends in fashion. My goal is to bring out your inner beauty to make you feel confident. My passion of the business is hand-selecting each piece I sell. I go through hundreds of pieces of clothing a day to pick which items I want to provide for my customers. If I wouldn't wear it, I won't sell it.

People always ask me if I work under someone and the answer is no, I'm a one-woman show and I also work another full-time job so it keeps me very busy. Some days are really hard but nothing makes me happier than seeing people wearing outfits I sold them. If you are starting a business you must know that you are about to endeavor on a brand new level of exhaustion. You must also know that you are going to fail and make mistakes along the way but it's how you handle them that matters the most. Always remember that your customer's happiness is most important and your passion for it keeps you going and you will get by just fine. If you are dreaming of starting your own business, stop waiting, and just do it!

Over the past year, I have been able to be apart of many pop-up shops, charity events, and more. I even hosted my very own event called Here To Slay with 10 local vendors. Bringing the community together and supporting other boss babes just fuels my fire. I have also succeeded in the overall dream I had for my first year of business. I am so happy to be able to continue on the journey of a business owner and look forward to bringing all my ideas and new trendy clothes to life.

If you have ever purchased from me THANK YOU, you are the reason I get to do this and will continue to do this. I can never begin to explain how thankful I am for everyone's support and love on this journey I have taken. Also, as someone who once knew nothing (heck I taught myself how to do my own taxes as a business owner this year) if you ever have more questions about this part of my life please feel free to leave me a comment, I would love help share more with those interested in being a small business owner but keep in mind laws and regulations vary from state to state.

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