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Ashley Varney

Hey Y'all, just checking in, how are ya'll doing? What a weird world we are living in right now. Anyways, I have been doing my absolute best to stay as busy as possible. It is so easy to get swept into just scrolling endlessly on your phone so I have really been dedicated my time to other things that I wanted to share with you and maybe spark some interest in some one else. I am really lucky that I am blessed to have a job where I can work from home. I want to preface this post in saying that if you are going through a hard time emotionally and financially, my heart and thoughts are with you and if you ever need to talk I am always here.

Giving Back - Donate if you can to a cause, any cause. Recent donations I have made are to the help the relief efforts in Nashville due to their recent hurricane, I have donated to Feeding America and looking to see what my next donation will be. When I say give back though, I don't just mean to those big organizations I just mentioned. Giving back can be such a small thing, Venmo money for a coffee to a friend going through a rough time, whatever it is, just do something good. I went ahead and sent some money to a friend for food/wine while she is currently out of work. I also have been trying to order locally for food or other items as much as I can to help the economy since I am currently able to. Just do your part, it doesn't matter what it looks like or how you do it, I promise you will feel great after and good karma! Doing good things during this time is going to make this world that much better when it's all over. I also recommend taking a good hard look at what your favorite companies are doing during this time. To name a couple, shout out to Crocs, Tula, Titos, Lilly Pulitzer, etc for doing what they can during this time to give back!

Nintendo Switch/Animal Crossing - I caved and bought this. I just needed something to occupy my time and I used to be obsessed with Animal Crossing ever since it was on the Nintendo Game Cube. This Animal Crossing is so much more advanced then that one. So far I have only been playing for a few days but I LOVE it. I will probably also buy Mario Kart as well for entertainment. If you are on Animal Crossing, send me your friend code! I had to wait awhile to get my switch because they are selling out but I called my local Best Buy and they were able to pre-order one to be shipped to me.

Coloring Pages - I downloaded some free coloring pages online and printed them out to kill some time. I enjoyed spending s bit of time coloring.

Puzzles - I have been doing puzzles with my dad. I recommend 1000 or 2000 piece so it takes more time and can be challenging at times for the mind. I can't wait to start a new one soon as I just finished a second puzzle. Moving on to number 3! Amazon has a ton of great options to get one shipped right out to you.

Diamond Dotter - I never could've guessed that I would have enjoyed this as much as I did but I loved doing this little, time-killing activity. The best part of it is that it actually makes a really nice picture you can frame and hang up after, if you want to. Here is a link to some, there are so many different options and you can get it right from Amazon super quick.

Mobile Games/Board Games - Grab a board game and someone to play with or download a game from the app store to play. This is will help keep you mind occupied on other things for some time.

DIY Projects - I have been doing some DIY projects while home on my camper. It has been really fun to work on during this quarantine, a nice escape. I recommend if there are projects you have been wanting to work on around the house or what not, now is the perfect time to do them!

Books - I am so happy that I decided to get back into reading, I'm already on my 4th book. One of the main reasons I think I am enjoying it so much is because I decided to get a Kindle Paperwhite. I love this one specifically because there is no sun glare, which means I will be able to read on vacation sitting in the sun or on the beach which is one of my favorite times to read. So far the books I have read are: A Dog's Purpose, If You Tell, and Where the Crawdad's Sing. I recommend ALL of them. Now I am reading Then She Was Gone, it's a thriller. Excited to pick my next one already.

Virtual Happy Hour/Virtual Workouts - I have been actively participating in both virtual happy hours with work and friends as well as virtual yoga! It has been so helpful to stay as connected as possible virtually. There are so many great workouts you can use on Youtube or local gyms that are offering virtual workouts if you are in need. If you are setting up a virtual happy hour make sure to grab a drink and kick back and relax.

Bing A Show - Two words, Tiger King. If you haven't already caved from all the hype of this show yet, just do it. This show gets my mind so far away from what is going on in the world right now. If you need other suggestions for shows to bing I have A LOT, I only watch Netflix, no cable TV for me, so hit me up if you need recs.

Cook/Try New Recipes - Now is the perfect time to dedicate to some home cooking. It's a great opportunity to try new recipes or even make your own recipes up. We started up a recipe swap at work and it's been really fun, maybe get one going with family or friends! Need some inspo? Try this recipe book Cravings by Chrissy!

Drive In the Car - Very simple but just taking a drive can ease your mind. If you are alone I recommend putting on a podcast or turning the tunes on and singing along.

Online Shopping - I know this may not cater to every one due to spending and finances but I did want to put it down since it is something I am currently doing. There are A TON of awesome sales going around both at bigger stores as well as small stores so be sure to check them. I highly recommend you follow my so you can shop my looks!

Buy A Plant - I know this may seem silly, but it really made me happy. I bought two new house plants, taking care of them and bringing them into my space really brings me joy, can't wait to watch it grow! I also got an at-home kit to grow salsa, I looked it up online and couldn't find the exact salsa one from the company I got it with but the company did have some other options of things to grow so I am going to link that here..such a cool kit to do while you're home!

Spring Cleaning - Now is the perfect time to clean, get rid of stuff and organize. I basically cleaned my room from top to bottom. Three bags of trash, three bags of donations and I am feeling SO much better. I said goodbye to clothes and bags I was hanging on to for no good reason and got rid of so much clutter. While I was doing this I dusted everything, vacuumed and all that jazz. My room feels like an entire new space and it is amazing. I highly recommend doing this or even cleaning your car (I have a new car so I've been keeping it pristine) or whatever area you have that needs a good spring cleaning.

There are so many other things you can do right now that I didn't list but I wanted to share a good majority of mine. I also recommend having a fire or taking a walk on a nice day. Let me know what you have been doing to stay busy and stay sane during this time.

As always sending you love and hugs. Stay safe!



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