My Vintage Glamper

Ashley Varney

For a while now I had always dreamed of having a home on wheels. I somehow stumbled across the Vintage camper world and knew I had to have one. Something about the small classic look of those vintage campers stole my heart. After that, I was on a serious hunt. The thing you have to know about vintage campers is they are OLD which means a lot have water damage, rotting wood, or need A LOT of work. The idea of restoring one from top to bottom interested in me but was a bit in over my head so I wanted to get something somewhere in the middle. When I went hunting I cannot begin to tell you how many I saw with wood rot, cracks, bubbling, leaks you name it. Anytime you see any of those indicators it's an automatic restore from the ground up or you will end up with a bad time later on. Although it was hard to wait it out and keep looking, that is exactly when the camper of my dreams popped outta nowhere. Good things come to those who wait ya know? I went and saw the camper within 4 hours of it being posted, one thing you should know about vintage campers is they are high demand so if you see something you may want you gotta move fast. After seeing it in person I knew it was made for me so the deal was done. I brought the beauty home and got to work on it with my dad. The first task was to scrub it clean from top to bottom. Next up: rip out of the carpet, I have a dog so having a carpet was just not practical for me. After the carpet was out we painted it from top to bottom on the inside a pure white and spray painted all the cabinet hardware gold. Next up was the laminate wood floor, I absolutely love this beautiful floor I picked out it came out amazing. The last couple things left is adding trim to the floor, cutting back a mattress 3 inches, fixing up the light fixtures, checking the wiring, buying a battery, taking the stove out to replace with wood, building a drawer, fixing up the closet space, buying an AC and DECORATING (which includes making my own curtains). As I'm sure you could have probably guessed I have bought almost all of the internal decorations already its just a matter of waiting on the previous stuff listed to get finished up and then I'm going to glamp it out.

Be sure to follow @dixieandthechicks on Instagram. I will be doing a final post on my final photos! But below will be my before photos and progress pictures!

I am so looking forward to taking this on the road and having amazing new adventures with my dog Lilly. I really wish I could know the exact history of this beauty, where has she been? what were her owners like? what amazing memories were made with this? My plan is to keep a little journal of all my adventures that can be passed off to the next owner. You may be wondering about the name...Dixie Chicks is one of my all-time favorite county bands, I grew up listening to them with my mom, a day before purchasing this they announced a reunion tour. I named my vintage camper Dixie so now it's Dixie and the chicks (Lilly and I). My vintage camper is 1968 Scotty Serro Sportsman Gaucho it's only 10ft long by 6ft wide. My goal is to travel to all 50 states before I turn 50 so hopefully, Dixie helps me out with that. Cannot wait to show y'all the finished product...Stay Tuned.



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