Is Tula Skincare Really Worth It?

Ashley Varney

Alright ya'll it's finally time to speak my truth about Tula Skincare. I'm sure you've heard about it before, basically every influencer seems to plug it on Instagram. Well, I set out to purchase the line myself so I could really see if it's worth the hype. I wanted to give it a fair shot on my own regardless of how many times I was told it was great. I started with the anti-aging travel set. This way I could do about a month trial without investing a ton of money in case I hated it. I think the set was around $50 and I used a coupon as well. When my Tula set arrived it was missing an item, such a total bummer for my first impression. But I did email customer service and let them know and they shipped a replacement including EXTRA right out for me, so in my eyes that made up for the slight mishap. So anyways first impressions, everything felt really good on my skin but I hated the smell of the cleanser and the firming serum. But guess what? After 30 days using the product I can tell you that without a doubt I LOVE Tula. I already re-purchased the cult classic cleanser (yup even with a yucky smell @tula can we fix this?) and I also re-purchased the 24-7 moisture hydrating day & night cream. I cannot wait to continue to add more products to my collection over time and try new things. I still have some of the other goodies in my trial kit that haven't ran out yet.

In addition to the Tula skincare, I do also use a couple other products in my daily skincare. I use the Beautycounter oils, oh my gosh they are amazing. If you need a Beautycounter dealer, lemme know I can hook you up with my girl. The other thing I use is the Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion. Also, FYI I only wash my face once a day and always at night-time before bed. Did you know washing your face in the morning can strip your natural PH of your skin which can do more harm than good? I have overall dry skin, I do get occasional acne but overall my skin is really good to me. I do get something called "milia" it's when sebum gets locked up under your skin and creates small raised bumps. In order to remove them I use a lancet to get them out, I only recommend doing this is you are trained since it could ruin your skin if not done correctly. I learned how to properly do this in esthetics school. The milia typically occurs where my sunglasses lay on my face, luckily I am able to take care of it on my own. If you have this I recommend getting monthly facials to remove them correctly and safely.

Anyways, if you want to try Tula let me know and I can give you a referral link. I guarantee you will be hooked like me!



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