How I Make Money Online Shopping

Ashley Varney

You are probably wondering what this scam is but it's not a scam I promise. It's literally making cash back while shopping online. The company used to go by the name of Ebates but is now called Rakuten.

In that photo above it shows the exact payout amount I get sent to my paypal $52.64. I made that from literally just doing my regular online shopping for Christmas through Rakuten. If you aren't using it and shop NEED to. Also, Amazon is on their to earn cash back, who doesn't shop on Amazon? You have got to be saving money if you are!

There are two different ways you can use it either download the app and use it to shop through your phone or go to the website on your computer and shop through it online. The key is to make sure you always go through either the website or the app so that way it can track what you buy. The cool thing about it is that the stores have different cash back amounts. I always check mine to see what stores are having a higher cash back. So for example: I shop at Ulta a lot and normal cash back is usually either 3% or 4%, but every once and awhile the cash back will jump to like 10% which is AMAZING. So definitely keep your eyes out for the good cash back days!

Sign up now to start saving $$$: Let me know if you have any questions.



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