Ashley's Dreamy Vanity

Ashley Varney

I cannot tell you how long I have wanted my vanity to look like this. I used an antique vanity for the longest time and while it served its purpose and was pretty it wasn't exactly what I wanted. When I was in high school I got the IKEA Alex 9-drawer, it was a game changer for me as a beauty addict. I now had a place to store all my makeup goodies. I also wanted the matching desk for my vanity to match and gain even more space for organization. Walking into my room now is a breath of fresh air. I wish I had taken before pictures of how overly cluttered my vanity area was prior to this. Now it just feels like an inspiring piece in my room again. The main pieces are from IKEA, I live in NH so the closest IKEA is in Stoughton, MA...about an 1 and half away. I decided to go after work one Friday and hit a TON of traffic so my drive quickly turned into much longer than that so prepare to spend up to about 4-5 hours in the car to get there and back. I would've ordered online but the shipping on it costs more than the pieces itself, the drive was worth my while even though it sucked. IKEA is a massive place, make sure you go prepared to lift heavy items yourself or bring someone with you, they don't really have people to help with that there. I love to go through the showroom first for inspo and then head to the market and warehouse. You can even eat some Swedish meatballs there if that's the kinda thing you fancy.

The other thing I still want to change about the set up is I want to get a different seat, I will probably pop into a Home Goods to see what I can find. But as for now I'm super happy

Here are the items from IKEA I have in my setup:

Other Items:

Here are what the inside of some of my drawers look like organized. I LOVE it.

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