Ashley's Amazon Beach/Lake Day Guide

Ashley Varney

Hey y'all I've been spending most of my free days either by the ocean or at the lake and I got thinking about essentials I bring with me each trip and wanted to share them. All of the below images contain links to the product I'm sharing.

A beach chair - I actually have a limited edition beach chair so I, unfortunately, couldn't link the exact one but linked below one just like what I use. I personally love having a beach chair so I don't have to lay in the hot sand the whole day and can rotate. I love bringing my chair down in the water as well to cool off and it makes a good reading spot too.

Face sunscreen - so I actually don't wear sunscreen on my body only my face... I know not the best but I hardly ever burn so I try to get as much color as possible. I don't recommend if you are fair-skinned. However, I am always sure to protect my face, I use this sunscreen stick and I absolutely LOVE it. I just glide it right on my face and it isn't greasy or nasty feeling.

Tanning oil - like I said I don't use sunscreen so I use a tanning oil instead. Linked  my two current favorites are Bali Body and this Maui Babe browning lotion.

Beach Towel - Use it to lay on and use it to dry off in and if it gets chilly to use it as a blanket.

Face Mist - I love having this with me so I can use it to cool off when I'm getting my tan on. Water in a can...I know I actually buy that.

Yeti Rambler - I always make sure to bring water with me when I'm spending an entire day in the sun because I get dehydrated so easily. Anyone who knows me knows that I own probably every single Yeti known to man so it's no surprise this is a must have for me. Ice cubes all day every day.

Lip Sunscreen - This is my favorite lip sunscreen, cannot live without it...enough said.

Hat - My latest obsession is wearing a ball cap/trucker hat. I love my yeti hat and just recently purchased this Jeep hat linked.

Invisi Bobbles - These are my fave hair ties because they don't cause my creasing in your hair and they are super comfortable. I know an old phone cord...who would've funk.

Don't forget to bring lots of water, white claws, and some cheese-itz and you are about to have the BEST DAY EVER! I hope you enjoy my amazon essentials for my beach/lake days.



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